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The HE6LCB-AL is a three terminal device designed specifically to protect the signal inputs to the vehicle detector unit. This device offers protection not only in common mode (line to ground), but in the differential mode (line to line) also. Specially selected solid state clamping elements have been chosen for the electrical design of the HE6LCB-AL. These elements have been arranged in such a manner as to appear virtually invisible to the detector unit, while offering the maximum surge protection available on the market today.

The HE6LCB-AL surge protector is a two spade terminal block device designed to mount on terminal blocks with 9/16” spacing. The spade terminals are connected across the signal inputs of the detector for differential mode protection and the wire is grounded to protect against common mode damage.

When installed, this unit offers optimal protection from transient surges in both the differential and common modes and remains virtually invisible to the detector.

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Peak Surge Current (6 times)
Diff. Mode 400A (8x20uS)
Com. Mode 1000A (8x20uS)
Occurrences 500 @ 200A (8x20uS)
Response Time <5nS
Input Capacitance <20pF
Temperature -40 to 85°C
Weight <3 oz.
Operation Voltage 14V
Clamp Voltage
Diff. Mode (@ 400A) 27V
Com. Mode (@ 1000A) 35V
SPD Technology Sidactor


The HE6LCB-AL units are installed as close as possible to the point where the vehicle loop detector wires enter the controller cabinet.

The HE6LCB-AL units are installed under the equipment-side screws on the terminal strip. The ground wire should be grounded to the lowest impedance ground available.


  • Total Solid State Design
  • Epoxy Encapsulated
  • Designed for Digital Loop Detectors
  • Recovers Automatically
  • Common and Differential Mode
  • Compact In Size
  • Easy Installation


2 Terminals (9/16” Spacing) & 11” 18AWG Stranded Green Ground.