HE2LP Vehicle Loop Detector Surge Protection

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The HE2LP is a device designed specifically to protect the signal inputs to the vehicle detector unit. The device offers protection in the common mode (line to ground) and differential mode (line to line).
Specially selected solid state clamping elements have been chosen for the electrical design of the HE2LP. These elements have been arranged in such a manner as to appear virtually invisible to the detector unit, while offering the maximum surge protection available on the market today.
The unit is designed to plug in to a Tyco (AMP) 6-position socket (PN 2-530666-1).

Download Specifications Sheet (PDF}


Peak Surge Current (6 times)
Diff. Mode 400A (8x20uS)
Com. Mode 1000A (8x20uS)
Occurrences 500 @ 200A (8x20uS)
Response Time <5nS
Input Capacitance <20pF
Temperature -40 to 85°
Weight <3 oz.
Clamp Voltage
Diff. Mode (@ 400A) 20V
Com. Mode (@ 1000A) < 25V


  • Total Solid State Design
  • Epoxy Encapsulated
  • Designed for Digital Loop Detectors
  • Recovers Automatically
  • Common and Differential Mode
  • Compact In Size
  • Easy Installation