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The LAN48DC is intended to protect Local Area Networks (LAN) from overvoltage surges and electrostatic discharges created by switching transients. LAN systems are particularly prone to such disturbances because long cable lengths often behave like antennas to such atmospheric disturbances.

The unit provides protection to all 4 lines in the UTP, STP and is CAT 6 capable.

Grounding potential equalization between signal and protective network or PC chassis ground is provided.

The LAN48DC is designed to fulfill all versions of PoE applications compatible with standards of IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802at, and IEEE 802.3b

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Nominal Operating Voltage 48 V
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Line to Line 50V
Pair to Pair 72 V
Rated Load Current at 25°C 1 A
Nominal Discharge Current (Line to Line) 150 A
C2 Total Discharge Current (Line to Ground) 10 kA
Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C
Housing Material Metal
Connection Type Input/Output: RJ45 Sockets
Mounting Snaps to 35mm Rail
Weight Total 4.23 oz
Limited Warranty 2 Years


  • 48 VDC Protection
  • 35mm Din Rail Mount
  • High Energy Diode Block and GDT Design
  • Protects 4 Pairs (8 Conductors)
  • Compact Design
  • IEC/EN 61643-21
  • UL 497B 4th Edition