HE60B Series

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The HE60B Series is a high energy, low cost method of effectively protecting a 120VAC line such as the interconnect circuitry associated with traffic control systems. This family of protectors is available in four different configurations. Each configuration has been designed with ease of installation in mind.

The HE60BL protects one 120VAC circuit and comes with two leads. The HE60BL2 is identical in size, comes with three leads, and protects two 120VAC lines. The third line is ground (common).

The HE60BS is the same size as the HE60BL. The HE60BS comes with one lead and a stud. The stud is ground and also used for mounting the protector. The HE60BS2 is identical to the HE60BS except it protects two circuits and consists of two leads and a stud.

The HE60B family of protectors is ideal for protecting the 120VAC, 60Hz interconnect lines found in traffic control systems. When properly installed, the HE60B offers no impedance in series with the line and reflects high impedance across the protector. As transients occur, the HE60B appears as very low impedance and effectively dissipates the transient to ground.

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Peak Surge Current 8 x 20us 20KA
Clamping Voltage 300VAC Maximum
Response Time <200nS
Discharge Voltage <200 Volts @ 1KA
Insulation Resistance >100 MOhms
Operating Line Voltage 120VAC
Continuous Current 100mA max.
Max. Operating Line Current 10 AMPS
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions (in) 1 x 1 x .75
Stud #10-32 x In
Leads 14AWG, 15 In.


  • Reduces Costly Damage to Electrical / Electronic Equipment
  • Clamps Over-Voltage Surges Caused by Lightning or Switching Transients
  • Responds in Nanoseconds
  • Recovers Automatically After Surge is Dissipated
  • Ideal for 120VAC Interconnect Lines
  • Handles Repeated Surges
  • Economical