HE300 (AC Surge Protector)

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A frequent cause of electrical/electronic equipment failure is AC power line surges. This is especially true in the case of sensitive electronic equipment such as CATV systems, traffic controllers, data processing equipment, telecommunications systems, etc. These power line surges can vary from noise-like transients to spectacular lightning induced surges. Therefore, the effect on costly equipment can vary from a slow degradation of performance to catastrophic failure.

The HE300 series of solid state arresters have been designed to effectively dissipate high energy surges up to 50KA (8 x 20us). High energy induced surges usually originate on the primary side of the power transformer and consequently are transferred to the secondary. The first HE300 design consists of a basic line-to-neutral protection configuration. The alternate configuration for the HE300 (HE300LNG) is for use on systems that require the neutral to be isolated from the ground inside the cabinet. Fast clamping action is utilized in both designs to ensure that the HE300 series of surge arresters will respond within 5 nanoseconds and self-restore immediately upon dissipating the surge.

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Peak Surge Current 8 x 20us 50KA
Clamp Voltage
8 x 20us 395 Volts
Operating Voltage
(Grounded or Ungrounded Neutral)
120 VAC, RMS
Insulation Resistance >100 M Ω
Temperature -40 to 85°C
Weight Approx. 1.5 LB
Dimensions (in) 2.87 W x 5.25 L x 1.75 H
Mounting Base Plate


  • Total Solid State Design
  • Low Clamp Voltage
  • 5 Nanosecond Response Time
  • 50KA Capability (8 x 20 us)
  • Automatic Recovery
  • 120 VAC Protection
  • Encapsulated - Flame Retardant Epoxy
  • Grounded or Ungrounded Neutral
  • Long Life