HE1800 LED

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The HE1800 LED is an updated version of the popular HE1800 surge protector. The new version incorporates thermally protected MOVs and a power on and failure status LED indicator. The standard warranty is for 5 years.

The HE1800 LED incorporates a sophisticated, inline EMI/RFI filter. The inline filter has been designed to effectively reject random noise and spikes from 10KHz to 205 MHz. The unit is capable of protecting sensitive equipment from surge usp to 44kA. Modes of protection include: L-N, L-G, and N-G.

If random data base memory loss or any other transient interference is effecting the safe operation of one or more of your intersections, the HE1800 LED surge protector will quickly and effectively eliminate the problem.

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Peak Surge Current (8 x 20us) L-N 44kA
L-G 40kA
N-G 40kA
Max Clamp Voltage 390VAC
Continuous Service Current .15 Amps Max
Operating Temperature -40 to 85c
Dimensions (in.) 1.875H x 3.25W x 5.75L
Mounting Plastic Baseplate
Connection Type 1/4-20 SS Studs
*Unit was tested with neutral strapped to the ground terminal.
Spike Test using Berkley Model 3020 Noise Generator:
Input spike voltage 700 volts P-P
Maximum voltage excursion above/below sine wave at all phase angles 0 to 180 degrees ±30 volts



  • Power On and Failure Status LED
  • Protects Against Lightning and Other Surges
  • Clamps Harmful Surges Quickly
  • Thermally Protected MOVs
  • Immediately Self-Restores After Each Surge
  • Filter Component Meets MIL-STD-220A Insertion Loss Specifications

MIL-STD-200A Insertion Loss Data

Frequency (dB) Insertion Loss
60Hz 0
10Khz 35
50Khz 71
100Khz 72
500Khz 75
2MHz 67
5MHz 57
10MHz 52
20MHz 38