HE1750 ALT

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The HE1750 ALT has been specifically designed for use on both type 170 and on NEMA controllers. Because of the high quality of this protector, it may be used as a standalone device without the use of an external line filter. If an external line filter is required, it is recommended that a HESCO/RLS line filter be used.

The HE1750 ALT (like the popular HE1800) is a multi-stage, high energy suppressor that incorporates a sophisticated, inline EMI/RFI filter. The inline filter has been designed to effectively reject random noise and spikes from 10KHz to 25MHz. The primary and secondary clamp stages are separated by an inductive network; yet work together to give clamp voltages of under 395 volts at 20KA (8 x 20us).

The HE1750 ALT also incorporates the use of warning/failure indicators in addition to remote sensing for monitoring by a central computer. If random data base memory loss or any other transient interference is effecting the safe operation of one or more of your intersections, the HE1750 ALT surge protector will quickly and effectively eliminate the problem.

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Peak Surge Current (8 x 20us) 48KA
Max Clamp Voltage 395VAC
Response Time <5nS
Continuous Service Current 15 Amps Max
Operating Temperature -40 to 85c
Dimensions (in.) 4.6W x 3.1L x 1.9H
Mounting Panel Mount Connector
MIL-STD-220A Insertion Loss Data
Frequency Insertion Loss (dB)
60Hz 0
10Khz 35
50Khz 71
100Khz 72
500Khz 75
2MHz 67
5MHz 57
10MHz 52
20MHz 38


  • Modular Design
  • Multi-Stage Surge Arrestor
  • Effectively Protects Against Lightning and Other Power Surges
  • Dry Relay Contact Remote Sensing Circuit
  • Immediately Self-Restores After Each Surge
  • LED Warning / Failure Indicators

Pin Assignments

Main AC In 1, 2
Main Neutral 11, 12
Ground 3, 4, 9, 10
AC Out 5
Neutral Out 7
AC In 6, 8