AC120F (AC Surge Protector)

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The AC120F offers both superior, multistage surge protection and AC line filtering in one convenient package.  The unit is key when surge protection and AC line filtering are required, but cabinet or panel space is limited.

The surge protector incorporates metal oxide varistor protection in two stages separated by an inductive network.  Lab tests recorded impressive clamp voltages for repetitive, intense 20,000 amp surges.

The filter network used in the design is identical to the circuit used in all HESCO/RLS line filters.  The HESCO/RLS line filter is recognized throughout the transportation industry as highly effective and reliable. 

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Peak Surge Current (8x20us) 48KA
Max Clamp Voltage 440V
Continuous Service Current 15 Amps Max.
 Response Time <5ns
Operating Temperature -40 to 85°C

Life Test                 <5% change in clamp voltage after 25 surges of 25KA (8x20uS) 
 Mounting  Metal Baseplate
 Dimensions  7.15" x 4.25" x 1.5"
 Weight  2.3 lbs


  • Combination AC Line Filter and Surge Protector
  • Multi-stage design
  • Effectively protects against lightning and other power surges
  • Completely Weatherproof
  • Immediately Self-Restores After Each Surge
  • 60 Amp Line Filter