Residential / Light Industrial

Surge Protection Products for Residential and Light Industrial 

When a destructive lightning surge enters the wiring, HESCO/RLS Residential / Light Industrial products clamps the voltage to a safe level in nanoseconds, absorbing the potentially dangerous pulse and dissipating it harmlessly to ground.
  • For Industry: Computers, testing laboratory, motors, metering, security, fire alarm & communication equipment.
  • In the Home: Computers, fire/burglar alarm systems, stereo equipment, all major appliances and any other AC powered items.
  • On the Farm: Electric motors, submersible pumps, milking machines, incubators, freezers, refrigerators and other AC equipment.
The PROTECTOR PRO 1 operates on AC power, for single phase 120/240V, three wire grounded neutral service.
The ENFORCER operates on standard AC power, single-phase 120/240 volt (ENFORCER1) or 240/480 volt (ENFORCER IV). It can also protect three phase circuits where the line to ground 60Hz voltage does not exceed 175 volts (ENFORCER II) or 600 Volts.