LED PRO 277 LED Lighting Protection

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The HESCO/RLS LED PRO 277 is a solid-state protector designed to provide protection to LED driver assemblies from harmful transients.  The unit incorporates thermally fused metal oxide varistors (MOV) to curb harmful transients to safe levels.

The LED PRO 277 is connected via 12" 16 AWG black, white, and green leads.  The unit offers protection from line to ground, line to neutral, and neutral to ground.  This compact unit is epoxy encapsulated and fully protected from the elements of weather.
All components of the LED PRO 277 are UL recognized or listed.  

Download Specifications Sheet (PDF}


Working Voltage 277 VAC
Peak Surge Current (8x20us) 10kA
MOV Voltage  320 VAC
Energy (2ms) 270 J
Operating Temperature -55°C to +85°C
Response <15ns
 Vin 16 AWG Black (12")
 Common 16 AWG White (12")
 Ground 16 AWG Green (12")


  • Solid State Surge Arrester
  • Protects Against Lightning And Other Power Surges
  • Clamps Harmful Surges Quickly
  • Completely Weatherproof
  • Immediately Self-Restores After Each Surge
  • High Temperature, Flameproof Enclosure
  • UL listed, thermally fused MOVs