HE120 (Highway Lighting Arrester)

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The HESCO/RLS Industries model HE120 Surge Arrestor has been designed specifically for the highway lighting industry. Utilizing a solid-state design, the HE120 has proven to protect the most sophisticated of highway lighting systems in the industry today.

The HE120 surge arrestor has been designed with the state tax dollars in mind. With this unit, no longer do the individual states have to worry about protecting the investment the state taxpayers have paid for the safety of the drivers in their states on Federal Highways.

Not only does this product protect in the common mode (line to ground), it protects in the normal mode also (line to line). Without this unit, the safety of the drivers in your state would be at risk due to the failure of roadway lighting in critical areas of State highways.

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Peak Surge Current (8x20us) 25KA
Response Time <5Ns
Clamp Voltage @ 1ma 280V
Clamp Voltage @ 700A 440V
Max Allowable Voltage (RMS) 180V
Surge Life (calculated) 40,000 Occurrences @ 700A
Current Drain <100 uAmps
Insulation To Ground 600 Volts
Mounting Lead Supported or Screw-down


  • Multi-Voltage High Mast Lighting
  • Protects Against Lightning and Other Power Surges
  • Clamps Harmful Surges Quickly
  • Completely Weatherproof
  • Immediately Self-Restores After Each Surge
  • Line To Ground & Neutral To Ground Protection