LF60X (60 Amp Line Filter)

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The LF60X will protect equipment from malfunctions due to conducted interference coming into the equipment from line, especially line to ground (common mode) noise and transients.

HESCO/RLS line filters are designed to provide the required noise suppression to allow most equipment to meet FCC specifications for conducted emissions.

HESCO/RLS line filters are a cost effective solution for equipment that is environmentally subjected to the damaging effects of transient noise and other interference that may result in unnecessary memory loss or down time of a traffic controller. Troubled intersections may need no more than a reliable LF60X line filter to correct this potentially dangerous situation.

The excellent characteristics of the HESCO/RLS LF60X will provide the attenuation of RF interference you need to achieve a safe operational environment for your equipment.

Download Specifications Sheet (PDF}


Rated Voltage (RMS) 120 VAC
Rated Current (A) 35, 50, or 60 Amps
Frequency (Hz) 50/60 Hz
Leakage Current @ 120 VAC (L-G, mA) 5 mA
Insertion Loss (dB) @
.2MHz 70
.3 MHz 74
.6 MHz 80
1 MHz 77
10MHz 76
20MHz 76
40MHz 66
75MHz 63
Hipot (1 min., VDC) 1500
Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
Insulation Resistance in excess of 1 mega ohm
Mounting Base Plate

*Optional reduced-sized base designated as LF60B


  • Eliminates Noise Transients
  • Weatherproof
  • 35, 50, or 60 Amp Capability
  • Mounts Easily
  • Cost Effective