LF Series (Line Filter)

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The LF Series line filters will protect equipment from malfunctions due to conducted interference coming into the equipment from line, especially line to ground (common mode) noise and transients.

HESCO/RLS line filters are designed to provide the required noise suppression to allow most equipment to meet FCC specifications for conducted emissions.

HESCO/RLS line filters are a cost effective solution for equipment that is environmentally subjected to the damaging effects of transient noise and other interference that may result in unnecessary memory loss or down time of a traffic controller. Trouble intersections may need no more than a reliable line filter to correct this potentially dangerous situation.

RFI emissions are propagated in two manners, radiated and conducted. Most designers must be concerned with both in order to design their equipment to operate properly in a particular environment and often in the presence of significant levels of RFI. In order to achieve this level of protection, the ground terminal must be connected to earth ground, not system neutral. The excellent characteristics of HESCO/RLS line filters will provide the attenuation of RF interference you will need to achieve a safe operational environment for your equipment.

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Rated Voltage (RMS) 120 VAC
Rated Current (A) 50/60 Amps
Frequency (Hz) 50/60 Hz
Leakage Current @ 120 VAC (L-G, mA) 5 mA
Insertion Loss (dB) @
.2MHz 70
.3 MHz 74
.6 MHz 80
1 MHz 77
10MHz 76
20MHz 76
40MHz 66
75MHz 63
Hipot (1 min., VDC) 1500
Temperature Range -40° C to +85°C
Insulation Resistance in excess of 1 mega ohm
Mounting Base Plate
Base Plate Size (in) 5.25 x 2.87 x .06
Filter Size (in.) 2.87(A) x 4.00(B) x 1.56(C)


  • Eliminates Noise Transients
  • Weatherproof
  • 50/60 Amp Capability
  • Mounts Easily
  • Cost Effective